Stationary Industrial Shredders for Sale

BCA manufactures stationary industrial shredders for industrial shredding and recycling. Our revolutionary industrial shredders can shred tires, plastic waste, batteries, and more. Our industrial shredder machines are fast, effective, and minimize wasted material. Our machinery is all built in-house.

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Industrial Shredder Machines for Sale

BCA makes shredders for a wide variety of applications. Each shredder can be customized to fit your needs and warehouse specifications. Our design team uses 3d modeling software to help visualize what your industrial shredder will look like in your facility.

Get Industry-Leading Shredding Technology

We carefully engineer our shredders to minimize the need for multiple shredding passes, saving you time and money. Over the years we perfected our cutting heads to allow for rapid replacement and minimize downtime between uses. All machinery and parts used to manufacture our shredders are made in-house so we can guarantee a high-quality product every single time.

Patented Triplus® Knife System

The BCA Triplus® knife system can be installed in any sized shredder that BCA builds. Our system has three stages: shred, chip, & size. Our patented triplus® technology allows for screenless sizing in a single pass.

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Industrial Shredder Maintenance

How do we do it?

We start with a consultation of your specific needs. A general production map is created. Floor plan and power constraints are evaluated. We then create a full 3D model using our state-of-the-art CAD system of your custom system. Once every aspect is been approved all components are built and assembled here at BCA.

All systems are fully assembled and tested for final approval prior to installation at your facility to ensure proper function prior to delivery. BCA can also retrofit equipment from other manufacturers into our systems or add to your existing system. Before your new shredder is used we will provide:

BCA offers Top-tier Support for our Customers

For us, the sale and installation and quality testing is only part of the job. To keep you up and running, we offer regular shredder inspections, provide standard parts and services, offer leasing and finance options and we can even rebuild old, worn-out shredder knives and heads. 

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