Custom Conveyors

BCA provides custom conveyors designed and built for your industrial factory or manufacturing facility. Our custom conveyor systems can be made to perfectly match your needs. We even make conveyors equipped with magnet belts and overhead magnets to better handle metal materials.

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  • Nord hollow shaft gearboxes
  • Electric and hydraulic drives
  • Side wiper system (eliminating pulley contamination)
  • Modular in-feed and out-feed hoppers
  • Integral overhead magnet mounts and non-magnetic zones
  • Custom pullies & Magnetic Pullies
  • 3D-modeled for easy concept development
  • Complete central control packages
  • Easy retrofitting into existing systems
  • Modular designs for easy upgrades and system modifications
  • Slider belt conveyors (steel and food-grade stainless)
  • Custom belt materials and cleat designs
  • Trough belt conveyors
  • Folding conveyors
  • In-feed and out-feed hoppers
  • Overhead magnets
  • Magnetic pulleys
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