BCA Industrial Shredder Maintenance

BCA Industries provides maintenance for most of our industrial shredders. Industrial shredders have many moving parts and after chewing through a multitude of pallets, metal, tires, plastic, wire, and much more, certain parts will have to be repaired or replaced. We manufacture all of our parts in-house to ensure the best performing parts and machines. Our maintenance team will also repair your machines so they operate like new.

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Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Shredders

BCA shredders are built to last a long time and with proper preventative maintenance, they can last a lifetime. We are extremely familiar with how these machines work, especially since we design, manufacture and assemble all our machines in-house. Contact us to learn more about our preventative maintenance for your shredder.

We provide maintenance solutions for:

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Reduced Replacements Parts and Maintenance

Because BCA Industries creates all of the parts needed for every shredder, we are able to provide them to customers at reduced prices than competitors. With our team of employees who know how to take apart and fix every part on any of our shredders, customers don't have to worry about faulty replacements. This experience with all of our machines allows maintenance services to be completed quickly allowing customers to get back to shredding.

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