Portable Industrial Shredders

BCA manufactures top-of-the-line portable industrial shredders. Let us know what you want to shred; we can supply or custom-build shredders for many different applications. All our portable units are built in-house and are fully assembled and tested in our plant prior to delivery. Get a portable shredder designed and developed for your needs, your business, and your budget.

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Mobile Shredders for Sale

We manufacture and offer several different mobile shredders for sale. Each mobile industrial shredder model we offer is built with maximum shredding durability and power:

How it works

All portable shredders we offer can be fed manually, by bucket, or by grapple. Once the material has been shredded, it exits the machine on a conveyor belt and can be directed into a truck, dumpster, or another container. Once you purchase your shredder, BCA will:

  • Deliver your pre-assembled machine
  • Teach you how to power up
  • Teach you how to correctly use the machine
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Truly Portable High-Torque Shredding System

Some “portable” shredders require large commercial trucks which require a CDL to drive. We designed our shredders to be transported by trucks of ¾ or 1-ton pickup trucks, depending on the model. You can easily transport these shredders wherever they are most needed by loading them onto an appropriately sized trailer.

When you need real shredding done, onsite, BCA-Industries has the best solutions. 

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