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Our lithium-iron phosphate and lithium-ion battery recycling machines allow quick and profitable recycling of batteries of all sizes and chemistries. Our battery recycling systems can recycle tons of Li-ion material per hour into any sellable form you need. We are continuously installing our systems for some of the world’s largest battery recyclers and the largest EV battery and vehicle manufacturer. Contact us to start building your battery recycling solution today.

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Recycle Lithium Batteries

The scientific complexity of different batteries makes it challenging to recycle at an industrial scale. The different chemistries, materials, sizes, and more present different challenges during the process. Our turnkey battery recycling systems address each hurdle during the process to recycle batteries as efficiently as possible. The recycling systems shred material at progressively smaller sizes along with additional processing steps that generate higher value, battery-grade precursor cathode active material (pCAM) and “black mass” containing graphite, lithium, manganese, cobalt, and nickel.

Li-ion batteries of all sizes and chemistries can be quickly and profitably reduced into valuable, reusable, or saleable materials without disassembly. Any company will be able to recycle tons of Li-ion material per hour to whatever sellable state is required. Lithibatt plans to set up a demonstration plant where people can run their material, gather data on the recycling system, and purchase it either in whole or in part.

What Makes Lithibatt Battery Recycling Special

Lithibatt, a division of BCA, leads in lithium battery recycling with decades of experience. Specializing in turnkey systems, they offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for industrial-scale operations. With a focus on safety, their expertise addresses the challenges of lithium batteries. The commitment to scalability contributes significantly to the circular economy by recovering valuable materials and reducing environmental impact. Lithibatt stands out as a key player in the drive for profitable and sustainable lithium battery recycling. Lithibatt provides:

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