The Fuelbote

Custom Product Development

In 2011 BCA Industries was approached by FUELBOTE LLC to design and build a new refueling vessel. They already had a prior prototype that worked, but needed design and construction improvements to make it practical and manufacturable. BCA started with an inspection of the original vessel and previewed existing 2D drawings. We then consulted with FUELBOTE on the design changes necessary and created a virtual 3D model of the entire boat. After all design changes were approved, fabrication of the vessel began. The boat was completely built and assembled at BCA's facility and left ready to be fueled up and hit the water.

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How We Built the Fuelbote

Stage One: CAD Modeling

3D Model Boat for Customer Approval and Shop Drawings

Stage Two: Fabrication

Fabrication of Internal Bulkheads

Welding Top Plates to Hull

Test Fitting Fuel Delivery Tank

Installing Tank Crash Barrier

Stage Three: Final Assembly & Completion

Fabrication of Internal Bulkheads

Fabrication of Internal Bulkheads

Fabrication of Internal Bulkheads

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